#1 Sex after 60

PSST.. look over here! If you’re over 60, female widow, divorced or living single, or if you’re none of those things but want to know what the hell I’m up to over here.

This is my story, my experience, my carnal understanding. In my case, it starts with death. When I was 63 my husband of 30 years died. He’d been ill for years and the transformation from vibrant human to shell of a man was not graceful. I’m only telling you this because after he abandoned life for parts unknown, I was not only sad but completely drained; emotionally and physically. In my depleted state, I resigned myself to the fact that his death meant one thing: I’m next.

Sex was the last thing on my mind. I’d forgotten all about life’s sexy pleasures except for one daily respite; time with my fondly named 007 shower head. This undercover water blaster offered a few brief minutes of up close and personal good times with my most intimate southern regions.

Fast forward a year and still not even an occasional thought of sex. I slowly started healing mentally with long walks and gentle yoga. My fav yoga pose was ‘shavasana’, eight minutes or so of pretending to be dead. I learned there’s an energy running through us all called kundalini; our creative energy, our sexual energy. Somewhere in there I started to let myself feel it. This old lady waiting to die gradually started feeling the force.

My logical mind concluded I was too far past my prime to ever have sex again; especially if it meant jumping into the dating scene. Whichever side of the match.com swipe you’re on, a manufactured interview sounded like work and I’m retired from all things that sound like work. Old school bar hook ups weren’t appealing either; one-night stand, followed by the regrettable hang over at best; STD at worst. Secret agent 007 remained my best kundalini release.

All that changed with a fateful phone call. From 3,000 miles away and 40 years ago, I heard a familiar voice. An old friend was calling to see how I was. Not just a friend, but a man I’d known quite well. Memories of hot nights of youthful sexy time flooded my brain; starting a rush of kundalini energy right through my practically unbreeched southern border. As he explained he’d been living alone for years, I immediately recognized the erotic potential. SEX was back on the table… and out of the shower (sorry, 007).


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