#3 Finding the fountain of youth

For women, they say great sex happens between the ears. This is true. Imaginations must be fully engaged for best results. But sex also happens between the legs and what lies between those legs needs some careful attention before putting the old buggy into drive, especially after it’s been sitting idle for a few years. Nature seems to think that once women pass menopause our sexual services are no longer required, and we start to dry out a bit. Ok. A lot. It’s like the Mohave up in there. I found this out the hard way. My enthusiasm for the old ‘riding the pony’ action, even with the aid of coconut oil, good old KY jelly or fancy creams found on discrete visits to the local porn store was not enough. I was rubbed raw and I mean that literally. I needed the help of estrogen supplements, which I’m told, also requires progesterone; a fact I trusted when the GYN told me so. Every morning I take these two pills and when my boobs get sore I naturally think,” Damn, I’m getting younger.”

That brings me to my “Fountain of Youth” finding. Once the sex engine gets primed and put to use, the benefits reach beyond multiple orgasms. I look younger. You might call this illusion a delusion, but it’s a welcomed one. When I gaze upon my lovely face in the medicine cabinet mirror each morning, I see a new woman. I see Mika Brzezinski. I see blonde hair and smoky eyes. This delusion got shattered when I saw a pic taken by a well-meaning cousin at a family gathering. I was downright startled to see what the camera captured. Who is that old woman? Shirley, not me. Whoever said, “you’re as young as you feel” is right. I stay away from anyone with a camera who might want to rob me of my blissful fantasy.

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