#4 On being experimental and fearless

So back to that first sexual encounter. We had plenty of email chats about what that first time would be like. You woulda thought I was losing my virginity with all the speculation chat. By the time we met the mere sight of his wholly clothed body produced an involuntary full body shiver. As it turned out there were plenty more shivers where that came from. But I get ahead of myself.

The most important thing we discussed pre-meeting were the rules of engagement. Or, in our case, lack thereof. Our agreement was that there are no rules in bed. The non-rule rule is that one is allowed to ask anything. Reasonable requests are granted. Having no rules, gives freedom to be fearless. At my age, any unrealized fantasy deserves to the explored; as long as it won’t get anyone arrested or cause bodily harm. Side note: I did pack a couple pairs of surgical gloves in my overnight bag; and one pair got used. I’ll leave that image to your imagination.

On our naked meet and greet, the first order of business was a very sexy ten-point inspection; our Midas moment, both taking a look under the hood of the other. A complete once-over determined if any parts were misplaced, replaced or missing; sore spots identified. It was pretty thorough. He may have even checked my dental health. This was serious business, no amateur prom date. Most of this was conducted in the shower. After both passing inspection, we moved to the big fluffy king-sized bed where we thought up some imaginative positions worthy of a porn video. Glancing occasionally in the large, perfectly placed hotel mirror, I was frequently reduced to fits of joy disguised as laughter. I mentally cheered myself on: “Look at her go! What a pro!” Followed by nagging fears similar to what might happen taking an antique car for a spin and putting the pedal to the metal, “Gez, I hope nothing important breaks.. or falls out.”

Full disclosure: Being high helped reduce my anxiety and added to the juices, creative and otherwise. In the beginning, it helps; later on, it’s just considered a fun enhancement, not always necessary.

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