#6 Practicing the rhythm method

Sex and music go together like cake and ice cream; both can be enjoyed separately, but together and in the right combination… prepare for ‘hey, it’s your birthday’ type pleasure! Interrupt here for funny story: I honestly thought that a ‘hummer’ meant (inserting euphemism) ‘playing his piccolo’ while humming the tune playing on the stereo at the time. The first time he suggested I try a hummer, I said, “Sure, but I don’t really know this song.” Pause for laughter. Turns out I wasn’t all that ignorant. Music can be incorporated and add a good rhythm dimension no matter what body part you’re busy with. I think of it as sex dancing. And when he’s busy with my sexy parts, he does some rhythm dancing too. It’s quite fun. Each of us is our own conductor or player in the band.

So what music works best? That’s a personal choice. After graduating from the obvious Bolero, Barry White/Marvin Gaye stage, for me, it’s the music of my youth. In the beginning I noticed I liked Joe Cocker (no pun intended) when he was “Mad Dog’s an Englishman”. I let his voice take me to my fantasy place. One time in bed an amazing Led Zepplin drum solo played and I was stimulated to near madness. Who knew? The rhythm was so tribal. You just don’t hear many drum solos anymore. Jim Morrison is crazy sexy… sometimes he went too far and got himself arrested followed by dead, but it’s still fun to listen to him croon during sexy time. Music porn. I recommend good speakers because great music, like great sex, happens between the ears.

2 thoughts on “#6 Practicing the rhythm method

  1. What a fun blog! Sorry to see that it is fini. I’ll take the time to read all the posts, because I like your writing style and who knows, I might learn something! (I read this post after making my Marvin Gaye comment in reply to yours, on my blog. Should have known he was already “covered.” No one in our generation got out alive without being sexually-healed by Marvin!) Now . . Joe Cocker was already to be the next portrait in my Woodstock series. Check back in a few weeks! (Does he keep those little star-booties on?)


    1. Thanks so much for your comments. I shoulda said Barry White’s been covered. I love Marvin Gaye too. And don’t get me started on Grand Funk. I never really, truly appreciated that dude til recently. ha ha.


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