#8 Equality in the bedroom

The Do Rag: Do-over, Do-it-again, Do-it better, Just-do-it. Do dah do dah doo.
My do-over came in my 60’s. Significant parts of my life were done; career retired, husband dead, kids all grown and busy working on their own future regrets. I belonged to the purgatory class. If life gives you a do-over (aka do-it-again), take advantage of it. Enjoy more. Laugh easier. Rediscovering sex after 60 is like finding a new life force, and I’m not talking about the occasional B12 shot. It’s even better than discovering sex at 16 because at 16 you’re merely curious while at 60 you can really appreciate the juiciness of it. You’ve got way less going on to distract from the pure fun. From our 20s to 50s sex is something that often gets scheduled, has an agenda, and ends in pleasant surprise or bitter disappointment.
Pre-menopausal women live with the joys of monthly periods and spiking hormones all while enduring the same daily pressures men have; plus toss in extra duties like birthin’ babies. Dancer extraordinaire Ginger Rogers was fond of saying she did everything Fred Astaire did only in heels and backwards. With the pace of a woman’s life, it can go unnoticed that female bodies are literal pleasure machines. And I don’t mean a man’s pleasure.
Here’s a lesson I learned, based on my ignorance of pleasure. One particular evening while in the throes of competent hands (and a tool or two) I was surprised that I’d had three very delightful o’s all over the course of a couple of hours. The last one had me worried as I wasn’t remotely used to this and thought there was a real possibility I could have a heart attack or at the very least suffer a stroke. I decided to call it a night. As I started to crawl out of bed, my partner politely reminded me he’d not quite reached his ultimate conclusion, so I might want to consider hanging in a bit longer. His pleasure was as important as mine. What a concept! The irony was not lost on me that ‘equality in the bedroom’ has long been a legitimate gripe lodged by unsatisfied women the world over. But on this do-over, I’d found a partner on a mission to make up for all the injustices women have suffered throughout time. Well, if he can take that task on, it’s my solemn duty to risk life and limb to honor any disappointed sisters that have gone before me. It ain’t over til the fat lady sings, and even if she sings three times, it ain’t over til both are singing in harmony.
Do dah do dah doo.

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