#9 The reclining years

I call these sublime times after 60 the reclining years because I like the sound of it. Recliners are relaxing places you go to take a load off and just stretch out. Here’s a list of things I’m learning to do in my reclining years. Some of these might have been a bit harder to prioritize in prime time.
Like the Chinese fortune cookie, just add the words ‘in bed’ after each of these.
1. Be honest and kind
2. Institute ‘no pants Tuesdays’
3. Take responsibility for your own pleasure. Love thyself. There’s a tool for that.
4. Beware of different appetites. Retire the judge’s robe. Neither a judge nor a jury be
5. One must maintain a certain sense of humor
6. Fear and guilt are pretty worthless mates
7. Be a slacker on occasion
8. To be an interesting person, one must do interesting things
9. Take time. Efficiency isn’t always the best policy
10. Remember to have fun
Actually, most of these work in or out of bed; especially ‘no pants Tuesdays’. Happy reclining!

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