#2 Sex is important at any age

Starting a relationship at 64 is intimidating, even with someone you used to know. At this age you’re supposed to be unflappable; you know stuff. But 64 can feel a lot like 24 when it comes to laying bare your most vulnerable assets. The risks loom larger than your slightly increased butt size. Because this new connection started miles apart, it meant lots of emails and before ya know it, the saucy pics were flying back and forth. Suffice it to say, neither of us can ever run for public office; overexposed.

This crazy sort of irrational behavior was puzzling. Kundalini had stripped bare any sense of shame. Of course, sexy pics leads to the harder stuff. One day, I spontaneously mailed a package to his front door. Enclosed in the carefully folded #10 envelop were my bikini undies dabbed in the sexy aroma of patchouli oil. The mailman surely got a nose-full on delivery day. I’d not lost my fiscal sense, however. The undies I shipped cross-country had a small bleach stain on em… in case this whole thing didn’t work out.

And speaking of the harder stuff, the day of reckoning finally arrived when he flew across the country for a highly anticipated week. As I cruised out of the house heading for the airport, my thoughts were consumed with anticipation. So much so, it wasn’t until a last-minute glance in the hall mirror revealed I was about to leave the house with no pants on. It was the sort of nervous tell that might have given the airport parking attendants the wrong impression.

Sex is important. And fun. And can make you a little crazy. But it’s worth it.